Skipping Ahead

I’m not sure if it’s cheating but it is definitely a first for me. I have skipped ahead in my story and have started writing part of it out of order.

There was just this scene that came to me today when I was having lunch with Diane and Heather. We were talking about this funny nickname for a person that we “know” but who I maintain doesn’t exist and I told them that I was going to put it in my story. So out of desperation (I was starving) a chapter was born.

BUT, how was I going to put a spy (37 year old, 6 foot tall African American by the name of Asian Daniel) into my story? Well, I couldn’t put it in chapter 7 (the one I’m currently writing) because Delilah hasn’t figured out her ‘desitny‘ yet, hasn’t partnered up with a brooding bounty hunter to solve a major crime AND discover important cultural artifacts. It’s not like a misnomered spy could just waltz into the herbal shop and start telling everyone who he was. So, my jump ahead was born.

Right now I have no idea how I’m going to get there. BUT at least I was writing tonight, right?


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