I Won!

I did it! It was a hard, uphill battle but I have persevered. At times I didn’t think that I had any words left in me and I had to pull them out, kicking and screaming until I wanted to tear my hair out. Sometimes I was on a roll, words spinning out of me uncontrollably and creating a massive confusion pile-up that I had to clean up one sentence at a time. It wasn’t always easy. It wasn’t always fun. But, it was always worth it.

I am now a NaNoWriMo 2008 WINNER!! I stand at 50,139 words and still counting (my story needs another 5 to 10K before it’s done and I’m going to strive to get that done before the night’s over as well. Last time I NaNo’d I finished with 56 K and I’m striving to break that this year.)!!

But that swell of accomplishment is in the air. Whoever thought writing a short novel in a month (that might possibly be loads of crap) could feel so good. I love words!



About toadette16

Val is a useless wanderer who doesn't like to travel, a creative muse who's too lazy to pick up a pencil, a hot-blooded girl who likes to be
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One Response to I Won!

  1. Jenny says:

    HOMG Val, you have a BLOG!!! I’m totally going to come back and read it (after I’ve finished my hotel research, natch) but I just thought I’d say “ooh, so exciting!”

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