Growing Up

I’m down with my nephew this weekend, walking through town with my mother, and two people asked me how old my son was. It’s hard explaining no, not my kid. It could be – and since it’s the son of my twin brother it literally Could be. Got me thinking.

Our 10 year high school reunion is coming up in a month. My co-worker asked me where I think I stand in the graduating class and the answer wasn’t great. Ten years is all about relationships and appearances – neither of which I’m very good at.

So what would I say? What is my “elevator pitch” on what I’ve been up to for the last decade? Let’s see . . .

‘I graduated from college with a BA in English and never left. Now I monitor our software system and get worked up over people forgetting to tell me about subject codes.’

‘After college I won a Room to Move contest meaning the Internet voted me most pathetic 20-something and paid me to fix the problem.’

‘Well my brother is married with a great job and an adorable son. I . . . went to their wedding . . .’

‘My job? I work a lot of hours and have a long title that will bore you which loosely translates to Office Fixer and Girl Who Attracts Work But Repels Raises.’

The last decade broken down into tweets. Not all that exciting to look at. Or probably to talk about really. Maybe my problem is that I never managed to be very good at the small talk. I’m the one with the jokes and the quips and the listener who makes sarcastic, pithy comments. And maybe I’m not as happy with where I am as I want to be. And I’ll be the girl on the wall again who couldn’t get anyone to notice her to dance and expected to stand there with a smile while people who are remembered more step front and center to reminicse. Me with the bad memory who can’t remember names and sometimes only faces.

Yeah, that sure sounds like a lot of fun. There’s an open bar – maybe I’ll just plan on drinking my weight in Tequilla Sunrises . . .


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Val is a useless wanderer who doesn't like to travel, a creative muse who's too lazy to pick up a pencil, a hot-blooded girl who likes to be
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3 Responses to Growing Up

  1. Vicki says:

    You my dear have allot to be proud of…remember that everyone there has numerous things they don’t like about themselves or their lives. Some are having torrid affairs on their spouses for their own selfish problems. Others will be wondering which person at the reunion their spouse will hit on. Some will be depressed from their divorce an probably broke. Some will be just thankful to have a break from their kids. Others will have gained weight whether a lot or a little and feel very self conscious. Some won’t have changed much at all and will feel like they haven’t grown upblike everyone else.

  2. Vicki says:

    It cut me off but my point is everyone will have their own problems and feel self conscious one way or the other.

  3. I agree…and really Val, we’ve always been the class of misfits. Most of us are living crazy lives and I don’t think any of us is really where we expected to be by now. You know what I noticed, most of us are still single too. It isn’t just you and I. Cheer up dearie–maybe Prince Charming will meet you at the reunion. I’m hoping he’ll be someone who used to be a frog. But maybe you can be the husband stealer instead 😉

    ….just kidding about that part…that’s a very, very Bad Idea! 😉

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