The Blog is Back In Town

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions.  I mean, I do them – every year I write myself a long letter (at varying degrees of soberness), seal it, and lock it away until I read it a year later (at varying degrees of drunkenness) to have a laugh.

But rarely do I follow them because they set you up for failure.  I have to keep them for 12 Whole Months – that just seems doomed.  So instead this year I gave myself a month off – January – to see what I wanted to do, what I could do.  It’s much less pressure to think that I could stick to something for 92% of the year instead of 100%.  That’s all still an A, right?

So, without further ado, here are the things I want to get done in the next 92% of 2013:

  • Stop eating fast food – STAT
  • No more gluten – lots of different types of flour to cook with
  • Writing in this blog – once every two weeks is the plan
  • No Procrastinating! (the only reason this made the cut is because I’ve actually been able to do it for the last month – I never saw this one coming)
  • Learn social media marketing
  • Keep writing – self-publish two books this year (one is already written but one needs to be decided on, stat)
  • Clean my house – I really, REALLY, need to start putting things away.
  • Be Happy!  (This one is harder – but may be the most important.)

So world, this is my plan for the next 92% of 2013.  I know a lot of people who have had quite a rotten January so far (the dreadful 8%) but buck up – that’s not even enough to turn an A year into a B, maybe an A- but hey, no one pays attention to the signs anyway.  🙂


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Val is a useless wanderer who doesn't like to travel, a creative muse who's too lazy to pick up a pencil, a hot-blooded girl who likes to be
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One Response to The Blog is Back In Town

  1. I’d like to say I’ll try to be optimistic, but that 8% has been rather dreadful. So I’ll just let you do it for me…

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