Sara Bareilles has a new single out – Brave.  I really like it.   I like the music, I like the message, I even like the lyrics video.  And even though I’m no longer a child and the message may not be meant for me, it did touch me.  So here’s a poem (something I’m not good at At All) that it inspired.


You haven’t shown any interest
Probably because I’m no good at this
Snatching attention for my wobbly projection
Of a girl that knows what’s written on her heart.Sigh

But the unrest has taken hold
Spurning me to do things untold
And writing this letter, though I should know much better
Seemed like the only coward’s way to start.

Starched collar and bright tie,
Impressive figure you cut as you walk by.
You’re much too professional, I too conversational
And words, spoken or typed, just keep spilling into the divide.

There may be a spark, an unnoticed portent
But eyes stay blind and demeanors diffident.
I see all the potential, a sad referential,
And the chasm, though not insurmountable, just seems too wide.

A question asked and summarily answered,
Information garnered and the meaning unheard.
But always circling, spinning and reeling,
Two feet never able to find solid ground.

Because it all seems a game,
Too teasing and jovial for this level of shame.
You don’t hear me, can never reach me.
I am but a possibility, no assurance of being found.

So I sit and I write,
Share my secret unwillingly on an offhand flight
Of fancy and melancholy and blue, uncalculated folly
Yearning for something to break free and light within.

All of it is but ruminations in my head,
Thoughts and feelings that shout but are left unsaid.
Only me full of dreams, preposterously harebrained schemes,
Wondering at what might have been.


About toadette16

Val is a useless wanderer who doesn't like to travel, a creative muse who's too lazy to pick up a pencil, a hot-blooded girl who likes to be
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